We present the Survey Remover , an amazing tool created to bypass every survey for almost every network and you can get acess it completly free!

How to bypass surveys:
Survey Remover allows you to easily remove surveys from websites, allowing you access to a“premium”content. The remover automatically supports surveys from providers such as CPAlead, AdscendMedia, ShareCash, FileIce etc. The full list is displayed below.

File name: AllinOneSurveyBypasser.exe
File Size:
52 KB
Virus Scan: 0/47

Survey Remover supports List:

  •     ShareCash
  •     FileIce
  •     Cleanfiles
  •     DollarFiles
  •     Uploadee
  •     FileFlare
  •     LinkBucks
  •     CashFile
  •     DollarUpload
  •     UploadPay
  •     Filebucks
  •     Adworkmedia
  •     CPAlead
  •     AdscendMedia
  •     MaxBounty
  •     Filesummit
  •     Unknown Locker

Screen shot:
Survey Remover Screen shot

With Survey Remover you get a lifetime free pass survey for all this sites.
Never do a survey again!

-Top quality service with full support
-Full support if any problem appear
-Bypass all surveys from the sites listed
-Daily updates to keep survey remover working at the fullest
-Never do a survey again!
-Constants updates for the supported sites by Survey remover.
-Instant activation and use.



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